About the artist

MP Sharfman is a professional art photographer. His goal as a photographer is to become a 25 year, overnight sensation.   While he has been making photographic art for well over a quarter of a century, only in the last 10 years has he begun to focus on creating work for a broader audience than himself.  His continuing task is to gain a better understanding of how his work might be received by such a broader audience.  His influences range from the giants of photography like Ruth Bernhard, Imogene Cunningham, Yousef Karsh and Edward Weston to more contemporary artists like Nancy Cain, Judy Dater, Marcelina Martin and Paul Winternitz.  He continues to learn the art and the craft of photography however and whenever he can – sometimes through formal coursework but more often than not through trial and lots of error. 


He focuses on female figure studies or portraits for the simple reason that while it may be a bit hackneyed or clichéd, he believes the female form is the most beautiful creation on earth.  Unfortunately the visual expression of the female form has become prurient, demeaning or even oppressive in many peoples’ minds.  He strives to create art that while often sensual, is a celebration of the beauty of women as such beauty has been captured through the ages.   His goal is to honor that beauty in simple ways that blend light, shadow and form plus on occasion color.  Except for the portraits, hiswork often falls under the rubric of what is often called “bodyscapes.”  In those images he blends the four elements in both studio and natural settings to capitalize on the myriad combinations that they can generate while focusing on the beauty of the woman.   While he has experimented with a variety of “looks” and styles, he always returns to simpler images that retain their focus on form, light and shadow or color.  He exhibits his work in solo exhibitions, group and juried shows both in galleries plus on the internet.